How To Apply Online For SPSC Jobs | SPSC Registration Process

If you do not know that how to apply online for SPSC jobs or registration process then you are at the right place.

Here, I will tell you the step by step procedure for online application form on SPSC website. Just follow my steps and you will get it.

Step by step procedure of how to apply online for spsc jobs

Step: 1. Go to SPSC Official website

How To Apply Online For SPSC Jobs | SPSC Registration Process

When you go to SPSC website by clicking above link then you will find an option named “Apply online” as pointed out in image. Click on it and there will be open an other tab.

Step: 2. Create Account for SPSC Registration Process

Create Account On SPSC

Now, there are two options like create account and login what you have to do is just click on create account because you are new on it.

Step: 3. Update information.

spsc jobs 2021

Remember that you should put your CNIC number of 13 digits without dashes in it. Then enter your active mobile number with Pakistani code 92 before digits excluding first digit 0 (zero). After that enter your email and password twice for the confirmation.

Step: 4. Login to SPSC

login to spsc

After registering your account, you will see a message that you have been registered successfully. Now, enter your CNIC number without dashes and password which you put previously while creating account.

Step: 5. Submit Your Personal Information

Enter Your Personal Information

Keep in mind that put your full name which is on your matric certificate i.e Irfan Ali then put your surname as well as caste, you can put same in both options. After submitting your personal information, scroll down and fill the other information.

spsc registration process

If you are residence of city then your district of domicile will be Urban otherwise click on Rural. I do not want to say but if you are a disabled person then tick mark on “disabled quota” option.

Fill your other data in asked in the form and upload a passport size photo which should be less than 500 KB  and then click on “save and next” on the bottom of right corner of the form.

Step: 6. Submit Your Educational Information

submit educational information in spsc

After filling personal information, now you have to submit your educational information.  When you select matric then enter the date of result declaration. If result is not declared then tick mark on not declared.

Actually in Pakistan, there is no CGPA or Division on matric or intermediate basis. So, you should click on Grade option. Now, put three major subjects, these may be English, Mathematics, Physics etcetera.

Before clicking on ‘Next’ button, click on “Save” button otherwise you will lose all your data. Now, other form will be opened.

spsc apply online

If you have extra certificate of Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, job training or any other certificate then you should submit your information here. Otherwise click on ‘Next’ button for further requirements.

how can I apply for sindh public service commission

If you have done PH.D, Masters or any other Research/Publications/Papers/Articles then you should fill this form otherwise leave it and click on ‘Next’ button for other form.

Step: 7. Submit Your Service or Job Information

Submit Your Service or Job Information on spsc

If you are doing a job (temperory or permanent) or have any experience or house job regarding this field then submit in this form and click on finish button. Now you are done. I hope you will get SPSC jobs in 2021.

I hope that I have cleared all doubts regarding how to apply online for SPSC jobs or SPSC registration process. You can also ask me any question regarding this question.

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